It’s Hard

The older I get the more I realize how hard relationships really are. Not just romantic ones but all types. Friendships, family relationships, coworkers. They are hard. If you read my last blog you know I talked about my words. So yesterday in route back to Savannah I set reminders on my phone for ever 2 hours that say, “NO GOSSIP OR NEGATIVE TALK.” It’s been helpful to see that all day long pop up on my phone. It’s also amazing to me how we are presented with so many opportunities to be speak negative or to gossip. Just when I think I am doing good I get diarrhea of the mouth and it’s all over after that. As many of you know I am a hairstylist and the salon is the home base of gossip and news. It’s hard to avoid it on a regular basis. But, my goal is not to be “better” then someone bc I don’t join in on the latest topic around town, but my goal is to show love and be positive. All of the people that are close to me and that are apart of my bubble know that I will love you fiercely and always be loyal to you. I will no doubt always have your back and support you through the good and bad. But that doesn’t mean it’s always gonna be an easy road. Relationships are about unconditional love, give and take, compromise, sharing hearts, sharing lives, understanding, forgiving, commitment, and so much more. And sometimes we just don’t feel like it. We don’t feel like loving, we don’t feel like compromising, we don’t feel like forgiving. I get it. I have those same feelings all the time. But, relationships take work. Lots of work. This doesn’t mean we get walked all over. There comes a point when we have to walk away from harmful things and toxic people. No matter if that’s a boyfriend, girlfriend, family member, best friend. There comes a time to eliminate people. But this doesn’t give us the right to just give up and peace out at the first sign of hard times. I am blessed by so many different groups of people in my life. Clients, church, coworkers, childhood, family, random people. And I am thankful for each and everyone of them. They have all played a significant role in who I am today. I hope that I can continue to be the best friend a person could ask for. I hope that I can show love, forgiveness, and commitment always. But, I also hope I can realize when it’s time to walk away too. I often want to go and hibernate away from the world-which I think is a pretty normal thing when you work with people on a daily basis. We all get tired and beat down. But, we need relationships. We need those people to challenge us and to make us think. We need grace. We need forgiveness. So hopefully in turn we can do the same. I fail everyday. I fail people everyday. I disappoint and I hurt feelings and I withdraw. But, it’s in those moments when I realize I can’t do this life on my own. I need my relationships. I need those people to pull me from the dark pits and show me the light. I need Jesus. I need to be reminded of his love and his sacrifice. I am thankful for those people who can speak life into me. Who can encourage me. Who can give me a word without even knowing I needed it and completely change my day. It’s in those moments that I am thankful for my relationship and I am thankful I don’t have to walk this road alone. So no matter how hard relationships of kinds might seem, they are worth every second of it. 


Travelin’ Tiffany

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