So It Continues

Everyday that goes by I learn more and more about myself. I realize the struggles I have and how deep they are. I realize how this life actually has nothing to do with me. I realize it’s all about God and bringing glory and honor to Him no matter what we are doing. I’ve always wanted to “do something great.” And my thoughts of doing something great are/were these big, grande things in life. But, I am learning that the small things are the big things. The daily things we do and participate in are the big things. They are what matter most. We all have dreams and goals and expectations for this life and we should never give up on them. But, I feel we have to realize that what we dream may come in a different form then what we think. Just bc things don’t work out perfectly or as we imagined doesn’t mean we failed or our dreams haven’t or can’t come true. It just means that it’s happening differently then we expected. We need to embrace that bc there is something huge in that and you wouldn’t wanna miss it would you? As I look around at where I am in life I am amazed, grateful, thankful, excited, anxious, nervous, and have no idea what is ahead. But, I rest in the One who does. I know that He’s got this all taken care of for me and I really have nothing to worry about. There are so many new adventures waiting to be had and I don’t want to miss out on any of them. I was going through some old books and stuff several months back and I found this Time Capsule that I have filled out when I was a senior in high school (2000-2001). It was crazy to go back and read all the things that I thought my future would hold for me. Everything from the car I would drive, the degree I would I have, how many kids and when. It made me laugh to think about how differently my life has turned out. Sometimes it makes me a little sad that I didn’t have the “perfect” life but at the same time my life has been perfect for me. There have been heartaches and hard times but the good times out weigh the bad by far. I have lived an amazing life. And to think I am only 31 makes me even more excited! I have so much left to live and the journey I am on is just really beginning. No offense to you 20 somethings out there but I am so glad to be in my 30s. I was not a fan of the 20s. LOL I am learning that just bc life doesn’t work out the way I thought it would or intended it too, doesn’t mean it’s not good, or right, or best for me. I was talking with my girlfriend tonight and I shared this thought with her: I often forget that God can do ANYTHING. Literally anything. And I forget this everyday. I mean, I could kick myself for not trusting in him and having more faith. He is the God of impossible. He is the God of reconciliation. He is the God of change. And he can do whatever he wants. So many times we fail to remember that he is the almighty God. Why do we do that? Why do we doubt him so? He is just waiting for us to talk to him, share our lives with him, open up to him. He wants us. All of us. So here we are on this crazy, amazing, awesome journey. Growing, learning, embracing, changing. Loving it. Never waste a day. And remember He is the God of impossible. 


Travelin’ Tiffany


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