I am have been quiet lately and for no reason in particular. Things have been a little busy and I haven’t had a chance to just sit and write. I really hate that and need to be better about it. I love to write and I know many of you love to read and look forward to it.

I recently started this Bible study online at http://www.ifequip.com and I am loving it. We are going through the book of John and you have a chance to journal and watch a 2 minute video each day. It has really opened  my eyes in the last week to many things. Learning more about myself, God, and the world through his word is always an encouraging experience. Today we were in John 4 talking about the women at the well. In the little video clipped on the site they women were talking about how the women at the well was there at noon to “hide” from everyone. Jesus knew she was gonna be there and made it a point to meet her where she was. I love how God does that sometimes. We know that he is always there and we can always go to him, but sometimes we are weak, tired, weary and we need him to come to us. I love how he shows up right at the perfect times. Another thing that was brought to my attention through this story was how God will use anyone. I knew this and have heard countless talks and sermons on this but it just appeared to me in a more real way today. As I was driving around earlier this week running errands my mind was racing with different thoughts and I began to think, “what am I here for? What does God have for me? What does he want to do through me? How does he want to use me?” And I think we all go through this at some point and time. But, I stopped myself and thought, “He uses me EVERYDAY to touch someone. Even if it’s just with a smile.” Somedays I feel worthless, alone, tired, and I just want to give up. But, then I remember the bigger picture. Someone always has it worse then me and you never know what gesture might change someones entire life. So, never give up. Never stop doing what you do everyday. Bc God has a plan in that and wants to use you. He has so much in store that we can’t even imagine it. Everyday be open and willing to whatever comes your way. Pay for that persons meal or coffee, hold the door for women with all the kids, or the older man with the walker, smile, always smile. We look better when we smile anyways! But just that one little thing can change someones whole course of life. He wants to use you. Let Him. What a blessing and honor that is. 

More coming soon!


Travelin’ Tiffany


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