Weekend in the ATL

Had a blast getting away for few days to the ATL. I went to visit my Aunt and Uncle and little cousin Annika. What a special time of talking, laughing, and watching Annika explore life. She is getting so big. This aunt and uncle are on my stepdad’s side and I just adore them. I am so thankful that God has let our paths cross. They love Jesus and were such an encouragement. They are real and I need real in my life. I had the chance to connect with an old friend, Brian, that used to live here in Savannah. It was great that he drove an hour to see me and have dinner. I love catching up with people. It’s a special gift I have of staying in touch with people. Sometimes a curse haha JK. I love that I can stay connected with those special people who have influenced my life in some way. I appreciate Brian and the encouraging words he often throws my way. I am blessed to know him. I also got to see my youth pastor from high school. It had been about 2 years since we had seen each other and it was another sweet meeting. It’s great to see all the good things people are doing with their lives and the paths that they have taken. Lance was another huge influence on my life and someone that will always be special to me. God is good and I am thankful that I choose to stay connected. I hope in my own little way I am touching them and encouraging them just like they have me. I am thankful for the weekend escape and look forward to some rest before my next adventure. Stay tuned, it’s this Friday!



Travelin’ Tiffany




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