Daniel Fasting Days #6 and #7

Sorry I got a little bit behind. Yesterday was day 6 and they say you start to feel amazing by then. To be honest I felt pretty great most of the day. I have gotten a little fatigued from lack of protein. But other then that I was great. And then it happened. I cheated. I did. I had 3 chocolate covered strawberries and a peanut butter martini. I know right? I know that I have gotten a lot of answers and some direction since starting this fast a week ago. This doesn’t give me the “right” to cheat by any means. But, fasting also means giving up something we love for a spiritual purpose. And honestly food isn’t so much something I love. It’s the coffee! Like I posted in my blog a few days ago, I seriously miss coffee. I want coffee. I look at my poor, empty Keurig every time I go into the kitchen and make a sad face bc I really want to make some coffee. LOL So I haven’t given in to the coffee or to caffeine period and I am not going too. I did jump back on the Daniel Fast this morning and did pretty good until dinner. I did have some pork and 2 little corn muffins. UGH I paid for that though. My stomach was NOT happy with me. But, tomorrow, day 8 is a new day and I will be back in full force. I am reminded of God’s grace in all of this. Again, not that is justifies me “cheating” but that it’s ok. God is still working and showing me things and I just have to refocus. Get my eyes back on the goal and keep pressing forward.  

I am amazed at how many people this is reaching and I am so glad! God has something amazing and awesome in store for all of us and I hope that through this blog He will speak to you and we will become friends and share life and help make the world a better place for His glory. I am continuing to seek the Lord and pray hard through all of this. It’s a daily struggle to lay down your food and appetite before the Lord. He has a great purpose and plan in mind. It’s the ONLY thing that is keeping me going. Thankful for his love, forgiveness, and grace today. If you are doing this fast and have gotten off track, it’s ok! Just pick up tomorrow and start fresh! 


Travelin’ Tiffany


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