Daniel Fasting Day #5

Day 5 and still going strong. I still really, really want coffee☕️! But, every time I think about coffee☕️, which is more then someone should ever think about coffee ☕️,lol, I pray. And I remind myself that I am giving up something I love for something even greater for eternity sake. But, dang I miss that coffee! ☕️ Today, I was tired. Felt kinda weak. Not physically but mentally and spiritually. I was discouraged a little bit. I know that is part of how this whole thing goes but gosh some days are just tough. I have these highs where I think God is saying one thing and then I have these lows where I feel completely lost and totally off track. It can be so confusing. Am I hearing God, am I hearing people, am I hearing myself?? Ahhhhh! And then I remind myself to be still and remember he is God and he’s got this. He knows the plans he has for me and I just need to show a little faith. Where is my faith in all of this? Sometimes I feel like I’m just all talk. If people really saw the “real” me they would think I’m a joke. But that’s what satan wants me to think. And I’m right where God wants me. I’m reaching people and growing in ways I never thought possible. I’m not perfect and far from it but He’s not finished with me yet. That’s the best part.

Travelin’ Tiffany


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