Daniel Fasting Days #3 and #4

So, day 3 I decided to add some fruits and veggies to my day. Juicing was starting to gross me out and while I still wasn’t really hungry the headaches and nausea were getting to me. I spent time resting and being still. Not to the extent that I should of or wanted but at least a little.

Day 4- today, I was back at work. I could feel satan attacking me a little bit more after getting back to the real world. I was on my knees this morning in tears laying my life at his feet. Wanting his best for me and my life. Whatever that is. I want whatever that is. So, I’m sure I pissed the devil off a little bit but that’s ok. I’m ready for him. I’m not backing down. God has something great in this. And as much as I miss and want my coffee, I want Jesus more. So give me Jesus.

Travelin’ Tiffany


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