Daniel Fasting Day #2

Monday was day number 2 of this fast. I actually did very well. I wasn’t really hungry and I was pretty surprised by that. I have been hibernating since Saturday and you would think it would be very difficult to NOT eat when all you are doing is sitting at home. But, it was completely the opposite. By about 6pm I was miserable though. I had another horrible headache and feeling nauseous. I kept reminding myself why I was doing this. Again, I wasn’t really hungry at all just physically felt miserable. Yesterday was actually a very good day. I felt God talking to me and helping me figure out some things that have been on my heart and my mind for sometime now. It was an amazing feeling. And it reminded me of why I was called to do this. God has a perfect plan for all of us. And sometimes we make it way to complicated. He just wants us to listen and to obey and we choose to ignore and run. I am tired of running. So, part of this whole fasting thing has been about me and running. Something I have become very good at after several years. It’s always been something I have joked about but it’s actually a serious matter.  The more we run, the further away we get from what He has in store for us. And after 2013, I realized, I am tired. Actually, I am exhausted. I spent way to much time thinking I had it all together and I could do this thing on my own. When in all reality, I can’t go a day on my own. And that’s ok bc we aren’t supposed too! I love my life and I have very few regrets thankfully. I have learned and loved and grown and lost. And I have ran. I have ran far away from people, things, situations etc. And while some of the running was probably for the best, most of it wasn’t. So here I am today. Turning in my running shoes. Taking a break for a while and letting God take my hand and lead me. We will see. Life, what an adventure!


Travelin’ Tiffany 



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