Celebrating the New Year in Kentucky

Hello fellow travelers! 

I had the privilege of going home to Kentucky to spend New Years with my most favorite people in the world. What an awesome week I had! I made sure to NOT over do it and I stuck to that pretty well. I got to spend a lot of time with my gramps and Aunt Audrey which is always a special treat for me. They mean more to me then anything. They may drive me a tad bit crazy but all in all I enjoy them. I spent quite a bit of time at Starbucks with Markie, and ended up doing lots of kitchen hair too! It was the first time I had ever cut my great Aunt’s hair and that was fun! I also had lunch with my moms best friend Glenda, her son Josh, and 2 of her grandkids, Brynn and Kendal! It was a blast. I hadn’t seen Josh in many years and I hadn’t met the girls yet. I grew up with Glenda’s boys and her oldest son’s wife too. Lot’s of history in that place. I got to see Pam a lot too and check out her new apartment. It’s too cute and I am happy for the changes she has made. Good things ahead. New Year’s Eve we had dinner at the Oriental Wok. It’s one of my most favorite spots. The food is great but Mr. Wong is even better! He took us on a tour of his kitchen and brought lots of free drinks to the table. He told a few dirty jokes and had us laughing. Great time! My friend Kelly May from Savannah is from Cincinnati and got stranded so she got to spend a few hours with us too! Random and fun. We ended up at the Righteous Room in downtown Cincinnati and what a blast that was! I never really “go out” and I definitely had not been out in Cincinnati. It was a blast! Lots of randomness and good times and laughs had by all. So glad I was with my closest friends. It’s true when they say home is where the heart is. It was really hard for me to leave this time. It’s where my heart is. It’s where my true friends are. It’s where I am the happiest. Thankful for a great start to 2014.


Travelin’ Tiffany







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