Guatemala Day 5 And The Trip Home

Sorry it has taken me a few days to get this blog out. I hit the ground running when I got back to the states on Wednesday. No rest for the weary. Especially being a hairstylist at Christmas. 

The last day of our trip we headed to Antigua. We ate at Hotel Antigua and Ily got to swim in the pool. It was a beautiful spot. I had a chance to just sit and chat with Norma and Armando. They are just amazing, Godly people. I love to hear and see how evident the Lord has been in their lives. We did some shopping in the market which is always a fun and interesting time. I was on a mission to find a jade ring and VML really wanted to something authentic. Mission accomplished! We stopped at McDonalds on the way to the BVSA (this is the ministry that I support on a consistent basis and the place I visited first in Guatemala 3 years ago) and let me just tell you this McCafe was nicer then Starbucks! It was cool. We didn’t get to spend much time at the academy but it was an emotional time for me. I was apart of the first trip to ever go to this location through Savannah Christian and they had just broken ground. So to see this beautiful facility up and running was amazing and emotional. It was a beautiful moment. Some of the varsity boys were still there hanging out so we got to play games and get some pictures with them. It was so great to see my friends there. Brock and Kerrie are very special to me and I was happy to hug their necks and catch up for a few. They had to run soon after we arrived so Mynor and Paul gave us the tour and explained to VML about the ministry etc. It was awesome. I lost it once I got in the car and we were driving up. I am tearing up as I write this. To be apart of something great is such a blessing. To be able to see with my own eyes where the money and prayers go is just awesome. It’s something I can’t explain or put into words. Speechless. 

That evening we headed to a new mall in the area and ate at Saul. We had pizza! LOL It was good I do have to say. We soon went back to the Leiva’s home and we cut Norma and Karina’s hair! That was fun! I got to share a glass of wine with Norma to celebrate her new haircut and our new friendship. I miss them dearly already. Spending those 5 days with them in their element was eye opening, informational, educational, relational, and good my heart. I can hear Norma saying over and over “Thanks God, Thanks God.” What a special family. 

The trip home was long. One cool thing that happened in Atlanta when we came back through customs was the guy that stamped our passports. Usually these people are short and grumpy but not him. We got to share with him what we did on our trip and he was asking us all kind of questions. He even wrote down the web address so hopefully he will be touched and buy some coffee. It was so cool to already see God working. We got delayed 2 hours in ATL of course. But got home safely. We definitely had lack of sleep and were so busy at work this week. We were thankful to now have some time off! 

My clients were so receptive to my trip. One donated $50 to the family mission and another said she was going to sign up for their coffee subscription. This excites me! God is gonna do something great. He already is doing great things but it’s going to continue to grow and excel and lives are going to be touched and hearts are going to change. All bc this family chose to listen to God’s voice and all bc of coffee. 

Please check out today to hear their story and buy the best coffee in the world! 


Travelin’ Tiffany 




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