Guatemala Day 4

Today, we left the farm and headed back to the city. We were up early in hopes of being able to pick some coffee but the rain was so bad we didn’t get too. We left the farm around 10:15 and I learned that I get more car sick then I thought. Thankfully I didn’t throw up but man I was close. It’s about an hour and a half ride on the dirt, bumpy roads. Once you get to the main road you are still going down the mountain round and round and oh I was so nauseous! Lol once we made it down we ate at this place on the side of the road that made bean and cheese corn tortillas. They were so good!!! We were all pretty beat from the trip. We got home around 5 and all took nice HOT🔥 showers since the farm only has cold water. We ordered Chinese and enjoyed a nice dinner together. Today was Armando and Norma’s 35th wedding anniversary! I am so happy for them. They are a precious couple following Jesus and it’s so cool to watch. We tried to go to bed early but I haven’t been sleeping well. I was up late and tossed and turned. Looking forward to our last at here on Antigua and then at the BVSA with my friends I met 3 years ago. I’m sad to be leaving. God is doing great things here and I love seeing it first hand. I’m so excited to be apart of this ministry as it grows. Many, many great things to come!! I’m laying in bed this morning listening to Armando on the roof above me work with the coffee. He is a hard worker and the coffee I drink comes from right here!! How awesome is that?!? Check out their website and please support them! It’s the best coffee out there!

Travelin’ Tiffany






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