Guatemala Day 3

Guatemala day 3

Today we got up and had breakfast with everyone. Meals are always a great time here. Chatting, laughing and learning. We asked Norma and Armando about “their” story. It was awesome to hear how they met and the way God worked in their lives. Armando was away from The Lord and after Mynor their 2nd son was born god spoke to Him and he changed his life. He and Norma now work with married couples sharing their story. After breakfast Armando took us on a hike to Honduras! It was so cool!! It was muddy and def a little tiring but so worth it once we got to the top! Beautiful view. I saw a banana tree for the first time! Once we got back we took really cold showers and rested. We had lunch with everyone again and then we got to cut some hair! I cut 5 boys/men and 1 ladies hair. It was a sweet time. We had an audience. The women were so afraid to get their haircut. All they know is long straight one length hair. I added layers to the woman’s hair and she was so happy. It’s amazing to see. Tonight we learned how to make homemade tortillas! It was so fun and they are delicious!! I also got to drink Ponche for the 1st time also try pure sugar cane! It’s been an awesome experience. We had dinner altogether and then this sweet woman had to walk home with her two children. They were taking the same route we took to Honduras. She stayed late past dark bc she wanted to eat spaghetti w us. This touched our hearts. They lit a piece of pine for her to guide her way and we watched her go up the hill in the pitch black night. VML became very emotional watching her. It reminded her of her ancestors and where she came from. It was a precious moment. After dinner we prepared for bed and for tomorrow. We will head back to the city tomorrow morning. It has been raining off and on a little bit this evening. Awesome to hear on the tin roof! Can’t wait to share more with you.

Travelin’ Tiffany





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