Guatemala Day 2

Guatemala day 2

Today we got up early and traveled from about 630-2 to the Leiva Coffee farm. We stopped halfway and had breakfast at more of an American joint. And of course I had the American Omelette. Lol Going up the mountain to the coffee farm was Interesting to say the least. I’ve never been a good passenger. If I’m not driving I’m usually asleep or feel like I’m going to be sick. At one point it becomes all dirt roads and it had been raining up here so lots of mud and water. Once we got to the entrance to the farm we were a little nervous. Even karina! We had to gun it up the hill and at one point we had to wait for Armando. He came and got us the rest of the way up. I remember looking off to the right thinking, “oh my I could end up down that hill flipped over in this car in the middle of nowhere Guatemala.” I was kind of scared to be honest lol. We started our Christmas celebration with the families here as soon as we arrived. We had a meal for them, a piñata for the kids, and lots of Christmas gifts! They only get beef once a year and that was today. They were so cute to watch take down the piñata and loved their Christmas gifts. Armando took us around part of the farm and showed us the coffee plant, how it’s dried, cleaned and ready to go to his home. I had never seen a coffee plant! It was an emotional time for me to see where the coffee comes from that I drink everyday! It’s amazing to be here and see where the money and prayers go. God is so good. Thankfully we are not camping outside. We have something like a cabin in the states. We put our tents up over the mattresses to sleep. It was hilarious to watch us gringos put together tents for the first time. But it was awesome and well worth it. We rested and went to bed early. We were pretty exhausted and the altitude can really affect you. I have been sick and was dehydrated so I was ready to crash early. The sleep wasn’t great due to the roosters and the dog. Lol but none the less we are thankful and blessed.

Something we noticed here was that no one really shows much emotion. Everyone just kind of stared at us. No one really says thank you. But they don’t know any better. This is all they know. Please pray for these people. God is doing something great and you can be apart of it by praying!

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