Lessons of an Oven Fire

Today, I learned a lot. I was attempting to make my lunch and had preheated the oven. I started smelling something burning and remembered that I had made a mess while I was baking for Thanksgiving but didn’t think anything about it. LOL Then I realized my apartment was filling with smoke and I opened the oven to see a fire. Not a large fire but a fire non the less. I just stood there and thought to myself, “What do I do? Do I have a fire extinguisher? Should I put water on it?” LOL Yes, this really happened just about an hour ago. I eventually swatted the fire out with a dish towel. Not my finest moment but it’s all I had. Well, anyways, that moment taught me something. I have no idea what I am doing in this life. LOL I mean I already knew that but this moment in my kitchen even proved it to be more true. Sometimes, I think I have it ALL figured out. I know what to say, what to do, where to go, where I want to live forever, want friends to have, how to cook or not cook, who to avoid, how to save money or blow it. And then today happened. And I realize I don’t know a darn thing. Thankfully I don’t have too. Thankfully my life is in God’s hands and I don’t have to figure it all out today. That takes a lot of pressure off of me and hopefully it does you too. I get so overwhelmed sometimes thinking I have to know everything about everything all the time. And that is just not how it has to be. It’s ok that I don’t have it all together. I am accepted by the one who matters most no matter what. What a great feeling that is. So, thankfully my oven fire wasn’t a BIG deal today. But it was a BIG deal today. And thankfully God is in control of my crazy life. It’s comforting to know I don’t have to have it all figured out all the time. 


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