A Country Holiday- A Nashville Blog

I love Nashville. It reminds me so much of home. Without as much snow and def not always as cold. Kayla and I didn’t get to spend the holiday together some flew up on Friday and I’m leaving today. It’s always a sad day leaving my family but especially my sister, my best friend. We haven’t lived in the same city since 2003. Seems just like yesterday I was cleaning her room bc I couldn’t stand it and writing in lipstick on the bathroom mirror, “clean the bathroom” really big bc I always got stuck cleaning it. Lol oh, how I miss those days. My cousin Mikka and her friend Jose got to come to town Friday night too. We had a blast! We went to a few bars, had dinner at Merchants downtown (yum) and had a great time at the Patterson House. Awesome Dixie Smash! Saturday, Kayla and I spent the afternoon shopping and then had dinner at Nonna’s Pizzeria with Landon. They have awesome gluten free pizza!! Sunday we got up for church which I always enjoy doing here in Nashville. I love Crosspoint and their new building is amazing. We had brunch at the Tin Angel. It was amazing too!! Awesome omelette. We ended up having a super lazy day watching cheesy hallmark movies and resting. Something my sis and I never get to do. We got takeout from Miss Saigon. The chicken curry was awesome. We went for our first run this morning in over 3 weeks. We both wanted to die but it felt good getting back out there. These hills just about kill me. Lol I’m hanging at Starbucks now while she has a business lunch. Enjoying my last few hours before heading back to the SAV or “the hole” as I like to call it. Lol looking forward to seeing her again at Christmas. This was a much needed relaxing trip and sister time. I miss my sisters and hate the distance between us. So thankful this year has brought us closer together and we have seen each other so much more. So blessed.








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