I’m Full

Today, I am flying to Nashville to visit my sister and best friend for the weekend. As I’m on my flight right now I’m taking time to reflect on yesterday’s events. Growing up we never really had large holiday gatherings on a regular basis. Maybe every now and then but there was never a regular tradition. As we got older it just started to be me, mom, and Kayla and then Leemo came along. Even if we do go visit other family it still tends to be a small gathering. Yesterday, there was 12 of us! It started out as 3 then 6 then 12! What a wonderful day it was! Delicious food, wonderful fellowship, and full bellies. Listening to what everyone was thankful for was so humbling. We are so blessed and have so much to be thankful for. Hearing the laughter and chatter just warmed my heart! I am lucky to have my parents close by and to be surrounded by awesome friends, clients, and coworkers. I couldn’t of asked for a better day. Except maybe to have my sisters and other family members with me. As I was looking around the room I was full. Full of food, love, laughter, friendship, family. Being so grateful for each person there. So glad that many of them share in my journey. Many of them have walked this tough road with me this year and have carried me through when I couldn’t carry myself. I hope your day was as full as mine. Be thankful. Be grateful. We are blessed.



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  1. john hamm says:

    Full, yes–richly satisfied and now full again–on the leftovers!

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