Yes, I am always traveling.

I love to travel. Surprised I know. But I do. I am sitting in Starbucks in my hometown up in Kentucky this morning. And as I sit here reading, praying, writing, thinking , I am grateful. I love stepping out of my normal life, so to speak and getting refocused and reacquainted with me and God. As well as seeing new places, faces, and things along with old faces and my favorite things. I love Savannah and where I “live.” But there is something about getting away, often, that rejuvenates me. I am a very busy person and it’s very hard for me to just stop and be. But I find when I step back on my travels it gives me a fresh of breath air. I can think straighter and see things from a different perspective. I was thinking recently that maybe I should stop traveling so much bc I thought I needed to be in Savannah more. But, Savannah is almost like my distraction and I only feel normal when I am on the road. Many joke that I live everywhere and vacation in Savannah. I laugh at that but I think it’s the truth lol. I love my life (I know you have heard me say that a lot and will continue too). I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I am surrounded by amazing friends, family, clients, happiness and love everyday. And ya know what? I’m gonna keep traveling. Seeing new things. Going home to my family and friends when I want bc I can. This life is short and I want to live it to the fullest. Never letting an opportunity pass me by. I’m thankful for what traveling does for me. Many people wonder if or when or where I may settle down. And I can’t answer that. Honestly, I hope that I don’t. I hope that even if or when I meet someone or figure out where I want to live long term I don’t ever “settle.” There is so much out there that I don’t want to miss. I hope and pray that whoever comes into my life will join me on my adventures and make my life better. I love what traveling does for me and the life it gives me. The experiences I’ve had have changed me and made me a better person. I feel like “me” most when I’m on my adventures. Blessed by that and all the people I’ve encountered. I love the balance that traveling brings to my life. Spending time with those special people in my life and hearing their stories and sharing life with them brings me so much joy! Life is good. My life is great. Can’t wait for my next travels. Want to join me?? Yay!!


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