As I sit here today and reflect on the last several months of my life many different emotions and thoughts come to mind. Laughter, tears, struggles, victories, hurts, excitement. But most of all thankfulness. God is so good. We can’t always see the big picture and that can be really frustrating. Especially for someone like me who doesn’t like the unknown. But, I am thankful that the journey I am on led me through everything I have been through and has gotten me right where I am TODAY. For that I am forever grateful. His plan is so much greater and better then I could ever imagine. If it were up to my life would be a complete disaster I am sure of it. But thankfully I have God on my side and he has brought me through so much crap. Sure, some days are still hard. Really hard. But I will take those hard days any time over settling for less then the best for my life. It’s an amazing feeling to know that I have come so far and I can do this life on my own, with God’s help, and not depend on others. I am strong and I have so much to offer. I refuse to let anyone tell me or treat me any other way. What awesome life this is! I’ll be damned if I let it go to waste. There is way to much out there to see and do and life is so short. Not gonna waste a day of it. 




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