My Struggle Today…

Praying has never been a strong point of mine. Ever. Sit me down with my books, bible and a journal and I can have at it ALL day long. But ask me to sit and pray and meditate? I just might go CRAZY! I am a very busy person and my mind is always thinking of the next thing. I live by my calendar and my to do lists. I get on my own nerves sometimes 🙂 I have heard my pastor say many times when your mind wanders to just bring it back to Jesus. And realizing it’s ok that I drift. I just have to keep coming back. My mom recently gave me a book she was getting rid of called , “Confessions of a Prayer Slacker.” She didn’t even know of my struggle so I took it as a sign. I dove right in and love it! It has been a very helpful book. I am realizing that I need to be more intentional about this time with God. I want to spend time with Him. I desire that. My heart desires that time and I NEED that time more then anything. But my flesh is weak and I want to give in. I want to hit the snooze a little bit longer, I want to do it after work (when I know that will never happen), or I just want to read longer. I know I am not alone in this and for that I am grateful. I have had many helpful tips in this area and I am excited about this new prayer journey I am on. So beware! You will be in my prayers soon. If there is anything I can be praying for you about please let me know. I have started a prayer journal this week and it has been really awesome for me to have this tool. I look forward to seeing what God does in my time with Him. 

Do you struggle with this too?



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