Day 23

Talk about a  moment when you got annoyed with a married friend, a person in a relationship, or a person with kids. (Be honest! No judgement!)

I don’t recall  a particular incident but in general I have been annoyed with many people who are married, in relationships, and have kids. I am sure I have been guilty myself of putting my friends and loved ones on the back burner due to a relationship. So I can’t be too critical here. HAHA I get really frustrated when girls are shoved up guys a****. I cannot stand it when a girl cannot have her own life apart from her mate. I have lost a lot of ME in different relationships and it’s not right. It’s also very hard to get back to YOU when that relationship ends. 9 times out of 10 relationships like this will not last forever and if they do they aren’t happy. Ugh it makes me sick really. Listen, I can’t wait to have a mate. But, I never want to lose myself, my friends, and the things I love just because I have them in my life now. I want them to come along side me and make my life better. I don’t want my life to end bc of them. I want to still be able to enjoy the many things I do now. I get that some things do change once you are in a relationship. You have boundaries and def have to show respect. But if I want to go to lunch with my girlfriend or take a weekend trip to visit friends, or get a job that I want, or whatever it may be then I am gonna do it. I don’t believe it’s right to be controlling or to be controlled. Many relationships I see around me this is happening and again it makes me sick. I still want to be Tiffany. I want to be strong, secure and independent. I don’t ever want to 
“need” someone. I want someone who wants me and I want them back and we complement each others lives and we make each other better. I don’t ever want to control someone. That’s not cool in my book. Women are full of insecurities and I have many of them. A lot those insecurities tend to come out in relationships. We get jealous, protective and crazy! LOL Just be YOU! 

 I have no earthly idea what it is like to have kids and I never really want to know. I enjoy my life without them selfishly speaking. I LOVE kids and everyone thinks I am crazy to say I don’t want them. That may change, but I am not betting on it. I have friends who do not let kids “interfere” with their life and I have friends who can’t seem to do anything bc of their kids. I think it’s all about who we are as people. And that’s ok. I can say how I would like to be if I ever did have kid but who really knows until that happens. 

I tend to let things like this just roll off my back. We are all created differently and it is what it is. I am thankful for all the people in my life who are in different stages of their lives. The married, the single, the dating, the moms, the dads. I learn things everyday from them and for that I am so grateful. So even though I may get annoyed with them from time to time-I am sure they get annoyed with me and my single life too. I enjoy them for who they are and where they are. 

PS Happy 31st Birthday to ME:)


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