Blissful Joy

Day 14
Describe the last moment you felt really truly blissful.

This shouldn’t be tough to write about bc I am a very happy positive person by nature. But, tonight as I sit here and think about the last year of my life joy isn’t the first thing to come to mind if I am completely honest. I wish I could say that I displayed or felt more joy or had more joy in the Lord this year but it has been tough. But thankfully I have an amazing support system of family and friends who have walked this road with me. I am not the same person I was a year ago and I am so thankful for that. I can say that today was the last time that I felt true blissful joy. I am here with my closest friends and family celebrating my 31 years and I am full of joy. I have not laughed like I did tonight in a very long time, I have not felt so free and full of life as I have today in a very long time. And it feels so good. It’s amazing how God brings just want you need right when you need it. He knows my heart and my struggles and my needs and he is right there to make it all better. My joy is found in the Lord and I feel like some of that was restored for me tonight. I couldn’t ask for a better
life. I couldn’t ask for a better journey. I have seen so many amazing things come to pass and there’s so many more amazing times to be had. I want to be joyful, focused, loving, open and blissful. And I know this ride will keep getting better and better. I am thankful for those who surround me everyday. I am one blessed girl. I choose blissful joy.



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