Remember That One Time…

Day 11

Your worst/funniest/most embarrassing date

Oh, gosh! I honestly haven’t been on many actual “dates.” Everyone just “hangs out” these days.

So the first “date” I ever went on was when I was 15. I won’t give names to save face. HA But I remember it was a hot summer day,  he wore a bright orange shirt and we went to the mall to go shopping for a gift for his mother I think. He drove an old gray car. Can’t remember the make and model. We didn’t talk and it was so awkward and weird. I lied and and said I needed to go home before church bc we were supposed to hangout until youth group that night. LOL 

Another interesting date was more recently. Another HOT summer day and we ended up at a fair eating snow cones and playing some game where he won me a stuffed penguin we named Theo. It was fun to catch up but we were to hot and sweaty we called it quits and went to grab a drink! LOL

Once my ex and I went to a fancy restaurant here in Savannah for Valentine’s Day. The waitress was super annoying. We were in the middle of some good conversation and she kept coming back to the table about every 2-3 minutes and awkwardly hanging around not wanting to interrupt us but interrupting us. LOL It was weird and interesting. Needless to say we just left. 

These weren’t really dates but I have come into contact lately with some men who are all about ONE thing. And are not shy to admit it. While I am thankful for their honesty I am always dumbfounded by their forwardness. Whatever happened to good ole dating? Come to my house, ring the door bell, pick me up, open my doors, take me to dinner, to a movie, something fun, take me home, walk me to my door and LEAVE! Then call me a day or two later. Whatever happened to getting to know someone? Truly getting to know their heart? It rarely exists. 

MMM…I honestly have an awful memory and can’t remember many  things. I think the most weird and awkward dates are the ones when you can’t be yourself. No one talks and you sit in silence or the other person is carrying the conversation the whole time. I’ve learned in this whole dating process to just be yourself. Be real, honest, and upfront from the beginning. No matter what. There are always going to be weird, awkward, funny, embarrassing dates. But that’s part of the journey. We have to have stories to tell everyone one day. Enjoy the ride!



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