Never Let Go Of A Tiffany

Day 10 

Google the meaning of your name and talk about how it fits or doesn’t fit.

This was really fun! I have known the meaning of my name for years, “In God’s Image.” And I have never felt worthy of that. But when I googled it, something disturbing came up. The first website I clicked on was It said my name meant, “G-d manifests or manifestation of G-d.” Really?? Websites can’t even spell out the name of God!?!? That really bummed me out. But, yes my name means “Manifestation of GOD.” I still don’t feel worthy of this definition but I do feel like God has used me and others can definitely see the Lord in my life. I continued to search some other websites too and came across some interesting things. They said things like, Tiffany’s are usually loyal and intelligent and don’t trust many guys. This is very true! Tiffany’s are open minded and I do agree with that. I have my beliefs and morals but I am always learning and growing in new areas. Tiffany means the appearance of God. Similar to the above definition. This is something I strive for. To be more like God daily. Tiffany’s are a ray of sunshine, she lights up the room, her laugh is contagious, she has many acquaintances and few best friends, many of which are male. When she loves she gives her full love and commitment. I believe all of those things fit me too! I love to laugh and make others smile. I don’t have many close friends and the ones I do are male. I do love with my whole heart (when I actually get to that point)  and will always be fully committed. Tiffany’s are compassionate. I am and always want to be compassionate towards others. 

This was one of my favorites:

Contains many unique qualities.She is honest,friendly,easy to talk to,hard to persuade,sticks by her own opinion and not afraid to voice it,natural and usually one of a kind.They are always opened minded.They are usually very smart,faithful,beautiful girls; they can also be quite shy until they get to know you then they are bright as a star.They find the beauty in everything.They tend to be very cautious when it comes to guys and romantic relationships,because all the men they have dated in the past or just the men that broke their hearts,but when they do love they give their full heart.They are very loyal,and caring they tend to have many acquaintances but very few best friends.Usually more guy friends then girls.They are wonderful secret keepers and always a great shoulder to cry on.Treat her with as much respect as she treats you and she will NEVER backstab you, walk all over her and treat her like crap and your going to regret it cause she’ll forgive but NEVER forget.If you are ever so lucky to meet a Tiffany or have one in your life never let go of her she will be the best friend you can have and she will have your back through some crazy shit, you’ll never have to fight any kind of battle alone cause she will always be there when you need her.Meet one and she will love you until the end of time that is if you don’t stomp all over her heart because you’ll regret the day you ever crossed a Tiffany.They always keep their word.

I think that last meaning sums it up for me. I am a pretty good catch for a friend, a future girlfriend and wife. I love giving of myself and sharing my heart with others, and listening to others share their hearts with me. This is how we learn and grow and build an amazing life for ourselves. So, what’s your name mean?

And don’t forget, Never let go of a Tiffany:) 


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