Uniquely Me

Day 9 

Your favorite “weird/funny single behavior”- Anything you do that is uniquely YOU and that living alone allows you to do.

MMM…. I am not sure if I do anything classified as weird or funny living alone. I am kind of OCD and Type A, so everything has to have it’s place. EVERYTHING. All the time. I can’t go to bed with a mess. Everything has to be put away. All the pillows straight on the couches, bed made every morning,  and closet door must be shut at all times. I love to sit in silence. No music, no TV, just be. I do enjoy listening to Pandora when I am getting ready in the mornings though. I love picking out a coffee cup. My mom has this crazy obsession with coffee cups and made a comment one time that the kind of cup you pick out in the morning could define your day. I thought it was crazy until I started doing and thinking the same. I still sleep with my baby blankey. Yep, sure do. It looks like hell, but that thing has been all over the world with me! I love sitting in my favorite chair in the mornings and reading my devotions. I MUST sleep with a fan on for the noise. Love it. I like to post quotes, sayings, words, and verses on the fridge or mirrors to encourage and motivate me. I do laundry all the time. No matter what time or how loud it might be. I like going to bed at 9pm or staying up until 4am and not worrying about waking up someone else. 

I guess all in all I don’t really do anything weird or funny. I haven’t lived totally alone for very long so maybe those things will come in time. And I am not really home a lot. I do enjoy my independence and love being with me! Good feeling. 

What’s your weird or funny thing?




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