Where Am I?

Day 7

Where you are in your life vs where you thought you would be at this point

I had a time capsule when I graduated from high school in 2001. I had it dated to open 10 years from then. So in 2011 it was interesting to look back at how different I thought my life would be. I planned on having a college degree, married around 24, kids around 28, driving a honda accord, and living the perfect little life. Oh how my story is much different then that. I hated college and tried 3 times. Don’t have a college degree but I do have a technical degree in Cosmetology that has provided a very comfortable life for me. I was married at 21, divorced at 22. No kids thankfully. I drive an SUV and love being a little girl in a big vehicle. And my life is so far from perfect! But as many up’s and down’s as I have had I wouldn’t change a thing. About 2 years after my divorce I lost both of my grandma’s and my father was diagnosed with colon cancer. Thankfully he made it through and is still with us. Shortly after I left NKY to move to Savannah. A city I had never even heard of. I came here blindly. No clue what I wanted to do with my life. 6 years in I have built a pretty great one around me. Good church, amazing job and clients, some good friendships being built. God is good. I’ve been blessed to travel all over this country and all over the world. I have some of the best friends in other states and countries. I have done many things others never dreamed of. And I don’t plan on stopping there. I wouldn’t have picked this life originally. But, I couldn’t be more happier with it. I haven’t always followed God’s plan for my life but somehow He always brings me back. What an awesome feeling that is. So, NO I am nowhere where I thought I would be at almost 31 and I am sure in 10 more years I will be saying the same thing. But, I am so excited to be on this journey and cannot wait to see where this road leads me. So many exciting thing ahead. So this is where I am. Where are you?


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