My Love Life

Day 6

Sound off on the quote, “Every woman has the exact love life she wants.”

I totally agree with this statement. We have the choice everyday to be who we want, what we want, to be happy, sad, mad, glad. Whatever it is. We have the choice everyday. I love everything about my life. I have my own place for the first time ever. It stays clean and decorated just the way I want:) I love making my own plans without checking with someone else. I love staying up late and watching New Girl on my iPad and laughing until I cry. I enjoy eating cereal for dinner and hanging my clothes all over my house to dry. I love packing a bag and traveling to new places just bc I have never been and I can. I love my life. I have chosen this life. I didn’t initially choose it when my heart was broken a few months ago. But after that I had to make a choice. Was I going to wallow in self pity or pick myself up and run this race of life? I chose to pick myself up and run the race. It hasn’t always been easy or fun…kinda like my 1/2 marathon training LOL but it’s been worth it. Everyday I have learned something new about myself or about life. And I LOVE it. I have been able to encourage people, love people, lift them up, and carry them when they have needed it. I could be with someone if I wanted to be. I could be in love or lust for that matter if I wanted to be. I could be married and have kids and live “happily” ever after if I wanted too. And eventually I am sure I will. But until then I choose to be single. I choose to love my life, love my God, serve those around me and enjoy every stinkin’ minute of it bc I can. 

I choose this life. 

“Make it a great day, or not, the choice is yours.”


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