Where All Your Dreams Come True…A Disney Blog

Hey guys! I just got back from Orlando and Disney World yesterday and I am so excited to share my travels with you. I never got to go to Disney as a kid living in KY and all. And I went to Magic Kingdom for the 1st time about 2 years ago. It was so fun! But, this past weekend I got to go back and met my little sister (Kayla Jo) there with 2 of our friends. We had an awesome trip! This was Kayla’s first time going. 

We stayed at the Orlando World Center Marriott just a few miles from Disney. We could see the Disney fireworks and Epcot from our room. This hotel offers a great military rate! They offer shuttles to and from Disney for $16 roundtrip and taxi’s are coming and going constantly. They range anywhere from $19-27 each way. Much cheaper then parking at Disney and less of a hassle getting in and out.  We spent our mornings at the hotel gym and pool. Both were fabulous as you will see below. 



Disney did offer a pretty great military discount too. We got a 4 day pass to all 4 parks for $169 per person! That’s an amazing deal. We purchased them from the Shades of Green Resort and didn’t have to pay taxes on the tickets. Saturday we went to the Magic Kingdom! It was so fun seeing the castle with my sister and riding roller coasters! Not something we do very often. I am so glad we went as adults bc we were able to appreciate the experience so much more. 


We did all the “must do’s” at the Magic Kingdom. Space Mountain, Carousel of Progress, Dumbo, Teacups, Race cars, It’s a Small World, Hall of Presidents, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, we ate turkey legs, and had some of LeFou’s Brew at Gaston’s Tavern. It was an awesome day! The fireworks show was awesome and we got to ride the monorail and the ferry boat. Needless to say we were ready to get back to the hotel and crash. 



Enjoying LeFou’s Brew at Gaston’s Tavern! It was yummy:)





Mine first time seeing the castle in 2011 and Kayla’s first time in 2013!




My first bite of a turkey leg!! LOL

Day 2 we headed over to Epcot! This is more adultish. They had their food and wine festival going on and it was a blast. We got to try different foods and drinks from all the countries represented. It was a pretty cool experience. Epcot doesn’t have many rides. We did a boat ride in Mexico but that was bc it was SO HOT outside we needed to cool off. We also rode the ride inside the big Epcot ball. That was fun too. Sister Hazel was playing 3 mini shows while we were there too. We had some good chicken curry, mahi mahi, perogis, and escargot. Never thought I would try that but it was amazing. We got to see Italy, China, Belgium, Mexico, France…So many more. It was great. We ended up eating dinner in Italy and had some pretty amazing pizza! Again we were exhausted and ready to crash. 



Me and Epcot!


We were so excited!



What a great weekend with friends and family!

This was a weekend to remember. So blessed and thankful for these great people and opportunities in my life. Everyone must experience Disney ONCE in their life. It was def a place where dreams come true!



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