To Answer Your Question…

I am currently following “The Single Woman’s” blog and I am loving it! She posted a 30 day blog challenge a few days ago and I am jumping in tonight.

Blog #1

Your response to everyone’s favorite question: “And why are YOU still single?”


What a loaded question that can be. Well, for starters I am “still” single bc I had my heart broken into a million tiny pieces about 5 months ago. Wow 5 months ago…Still seems like yesterday some days. I have been known to go from one relationship to another with not much time in between and for many reasons this did not happen after this last breakup. First bc my heart was/is truly broken. Not to say I didn’t try to move on quickly. But one day I woke up and decided to just be. To cry, be mad, hurt, yell, scream, laugh, feel whatever I needed to feel. Because that was gonna be the only way I was going to get through this. My breakup blindsided me. Totally. I was happy in love and then “BAM” it was all gone. I have never experienced that kind of hurt before. And once I realized I needed time…it was life changing. I was ok alone. I was ok to be me. I was learning about myself and realizing I didn’t need anyone but God to carry me. So, I hope that answers the question I hear so often, “Why are YOU still single?” I am single bc I can be, I want to be, and I am happy with just me. And someone once told me, “It starts with you.” And they were right. 


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