Being Single Can Suck…

Day 2 of the 30 day blog challenge. 

Describing a moment or a day when being single sucked.

Where do I even begin with this one… A moment that sucked takes me back to the first time I went flying after my ex and I broke up. I was wondering why the heck I couldn’t fit all of my liquids into that stupid tiny ziplock. Well, I was used to having 2 of those baggies traveling with someone and now it was just me. I think I might have cried…LOL

A day when being single sucked… A good friend of mine got married over the summer and I loathe weddings to begin with and guess who went alone? This girl. I know you don’t have to have someone with you but going totally alone…no friends, no family, nada. Just you. It’s tough. But I did it. I got all dressed up and ended up having a fabulous time with some old friends I ran into. But that initial feeling was not good. 

Another time being single sucked… Going to bed alone, waking up alone, making coffee for one, and making meals for one, coming home to an empty house, being the 3rd wheel or maybe even the 5th wheel. Many moments have sucked these last 5 months. But ya know… I am doing ok. I am embracing waking up alone, making coffee for one, spending time with just me. I am learning a lot and I am thankful for this time. Being single really isn’t all that bad. It’s better then being married and alone or with someone and alone. I can be miserable all on my own. I don’t need or want someone to add to that misery. HAHA. But I am not miserable. Some days are tough but that’s ok. That’s when I grow the most and growing is what I have done. I am sure many more sucky times will come but I will continue to stay positive. This is a season.


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  1. Jeff says:

    You are never alone cuz you got me any time u need me and you know that I will always be here for u all you got to do is pick up your phone and hit call Jeff love u cuz don’t get yourself down ok

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