Let me just say Boston is amazing! If you have never had the chance to check it out it’s a must! I didn’t really have any expectations and I fell in love with the city. It was a beautiful weekend and the weather was perfect!


Above: This was my first view of the city as I was driving in from the airport. I was super excited!


My first stop was my hotel. I stayed at the Hilton Downtown/Faneuil Hall Quincy Market. It was an awesome hotel and highly recommend it. (Thanks to Webb Elvington for the hookup.) The location was perfect. I was able to walk anywhere. Easy access to the water, dining, entertainment, and the subway. My first night there I ventured over the North End or Little Italy as they refer to it. I had some amazing Italian food at Carmelina’s. This area was very lively. It was a cool evening but all the restaurants had their doors and windows open and many folks were eating outside. It was really magical! They have so many bakeries filled with yummy pastries and cannolis! 



Above: Quincy Market



Above: Me at Fanueil Hall

Day 2 I woke up early and went for a run at the hotel. Then off to explore! I took the subway or the T as they call it and went to check out Harvard! It was a gorgeous campus. Just walked around a bit and soaked up the sun and enjoyed being on a big campus. 


Above: Harvard 

After Harvard I hopped back on the T, which by the way I learned very quickly. It was a lot of fun, and I headed over to Fenway Park! I did a tour and it was so fun to learn all about the park and to sit up on the Green Monster!



Above: Me on the Green Monster



Above: Me and Fenway! What a beautiful field.

After my tour I headed back into the city for some lunch. I enjoyed some yummy clam chowder at Quincy Market. Then it was off on the Freedom Trail. Let me just tell you that I really enjoyed following that red line all over the city! I got to see the Old North Church, Paul Revere’s House, The Old State House, the place of the Boston Massacre, the cemetery where Samuel Adams is buried, and Boston Commons and Gardens. It was a ton of fun! 



Above: The Old North Church




Above: Paul Revere’s House

After the Freedom Trail I headed back to the hotel to rest my feet! I did lots of walking. I had tickets for a sunset cruise that I thought started at 6 and it was 5:45. Needless to say I missed that boat and ended up having a lovely lobster dinner on the water at Tia’s. 

I don’t want to leave out my awesome tour guide! My friend Matt lives up in Boston and joined me on this adventure all over the city. I appreciate him hanging with me and showing me around. It was an absolute blast. 



Above: Matt and I on the Green Monster

I went to bed Sunday night feeling full and happy! I saw and did everything I wanted. I could of stayed longer but time didn’t allow. I enjoyed every minute of my trip and wouldn’t trade it. 

3 Things I Loved About Boston:

1. I loved that it was a walking city and you could get around so easily.

2. It’s a very affectionate city. Everyone was hugging, holding hands, and being very loving. 

3. It was clean! It was just a fresh of breath air. 

If you haven’t been to Boston, I highly recommend it. This time of year was perfect too. It was not too hot or too cold. It was perfect. That word describes my whole weekend. 

Hope you enjoy the pictures! Contact me for more info. I would love to share. 




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Matt says:

    Loved being your tour guide. Thanks for coming.

  2. Great blog tour of Boston! Even as a Yankees fan, I have to love how classic Fenway Park is. Great photos!


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