Like Daddy

I talked with a sweet older man today about my breakup and he told me what he used to tell his daughters. And that was “remember how your daddy treated you and find someone who treats you better then that.” Well, if he only knew how bad of an example my father was lol. But, my stepfather has always been an amazing role model for me as well as my Heavenly Father. As I think about the future and make mental notes of non-negotiables and what I want for my future, Leemo does come to mind. He treats my mom amazingly and he loves her so unconditionally. We are all so blessed by him. I can’t imagine life wo him. But I do know that I want someone who resembles my stepfather. Someone who loves Jesus and loves me like Jesus. Someone who has respect for me and themselves and someone who is selfless and keeps me in mind. I have so much love to give and I’m done wasting it on the wrong person. I’m excited for what is ahead for me. I’m going to enjoy every minute of this journey.


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