Attempting Healthy

Over the last year I have attempted this be healthy, workout lifestyle. It has its ups and downs as does any new habit we are trying to form does. I have enjoyed the new lifestyle of working out. It makes me feel better and more energized. But the eating side, the most important part, is so hard. I plan my meals and buy the right things. I try to do it the right way but I always end up failing and I give myself the worst guilt trips. I know it shouldn’t be that way. We all fail in all sorts of things. But giving ourselves guilt trips is a little crazy. I am just not sure why we do that. Is it a way of punishing ourselves? It’s such a crazy way of doing things. We shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves. We shouldn’t obsess over food, health, exercise. We get so consumed with beauty, skinny, food, etc. In my opinion…we need to STOP. It’s exhausting how consumed with all these things we become. We need to love ourselves first and foremost. And quit obsessing over all this stuff. I want to love myself for who I am and what I look like. I want to be healthy and I want to exercise and I want to lose 10 lbs or so. But I am over making myself feel bad or guilty. I am not going to obsess anymore. I am just going to continue to do my best. And love myself. No matter what.


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