What a fun weekend we just had!

Neumann’s 35th was the 20th but I waited a week for the surprise:) 

Friday afternoon I blindfolded him and took to the airport where my little sister Kayla flew in and surprised him! It was wonderful. We met up with my parents and headed out to The Crab Shack on Tybee Island. I had never been there and it was so nice and cozy. Off season is always better for those kind of places. We ended the night downtown at Lulu’s Chocolate Bar. Always a favorite spot. 

Saturday we headed to Patrick’s to shoot some guns! Old man Allan ended up being there and he is always a joy to be around. We always have fun shooting. 

Saturday night we had a little surprise party for Neumann at my parents. He thought it was just going to be us but a few others just happened to stop by. Including, Chelsea, Brittany, and Old Man Allan. He was so happy! We had a wonderful chili dinner with some finger foods and an awesome chocolate torte cake from Lulu’s! We played games and had a blast together.

 Neumann and I ended up staying at the Silas Fulton House. It was a quick stay but really cute and old Savannah. Definitely a recommend. 

I am truly blessed by my family and friends. So thankful everyone could make it. 
















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