2012 in Review

Let’s see here this should be pretty easy!


Broke up with my fiancé and swore I would stay single for awhile. Decided to give myself a spa day:)

That lasted a whole 4 days and I haven’t been happier! Neumann and I have been attached at the hip every since January.

Pam came to visit me and that’s always a treat having my sisters around!

Decided to surprise my best friend in KY and drive up for his baby shower with Neumann. It was an exciting 48 hours to say the least.

I got my new SUV. 2007 Ford Edge! 


I started working out pretty religiously. Something I never enjoyed but have grown to love. 

Was asked to consider opening an Aveda salon in the area. Oh, I would have loved this. But I didn’t feel the time was right. 

I met an awesome guest name Barb who teaches private yoga. I had never done yoga before but have really enjoyed that on a weekly basis as well. She is wonderful!

Neumann and I officially became official!

I went to visit my dear cousins in Arkansas for the weekend. We had a wonderful visit. I just love the kids and the time we spent together is always memorable. 

My parents celebrated 8 years of marriage and I treated them to dinner at The Riverhouse. So blessed by them. 

I decided to only drink water for 40 days over Lent. Neumann joined me and it was not an easy task. 

I met and hung out with Neumann’s brother and sister in law at the time for the 1st time. 


Precious Braxton was born! What a blessing!

My co worker and good friend Courtney’s hubby came home from Afghanistan after a year. 

St. Patty’s Day we spent on Tybee riding bikes and enjoying the peace!


My favorite KY family came to Hilton Head on vacay and we got to spend the evening with them. Always a joy.

Kayla came to town for an Easter visit and again so blessed when my sisters come to see me:)

Had family pix taken on Tybee and oh what fun that was:)

Pam, Drew, Angel and Chris all came to visit for a week! It was so fun to have family with me for a week!

I joined Beauty Society and have really enjoyed sharing this awesome skin care line with my guests!

Neumann and I traveled to KY to visit Braxton! It was a great weekend with family and friends.

We got to enjoy the beach in our bathing suits for the first time of the season!


I said I love you for the first time to Neumann! And dang it I let it slip out first. HA But he did tell me as well. 

Neumann’s father passed away this month. We spent a week in Indiana. 

We decided to become Gluten Free! 


We took our first vacation together to Clearwater Beach Florida. We saw Kenny Chesney in concert and it was a blast!


We decided to be crazy and spend a weekend in Nashville with my sisters:) It was fun but short lived:)

We went to Bull Shoals Arkansas for Neumann’s WAFE reunion. We got to spend some time with my family Paragould as well. 

My precious baby cousin Paisley Rain was born!

We went to our first and only movie together at the scad theater to see Breakfast at Tiffanys:)


We went to see Jim Gaffigan! It was fun!

I had to have an awful root canal and thankfully had a few days off. 

I started working out with a personal trainer prospect for Neumann. Brittany is awesome!

We stayed on Tybee with friends for a night. It was fun!

Carissa and Andy came in and we had a great time launching Beauty Society.


My friend and co worker Courtney moved back to Ohio.

My best friend Jessica from KY stopped by for a night. It was great to see her:)

We went to Clearwater to celebrate my 30th birthday!


I did some free haircuts for The Living Vine Ministry. It was great! 

One of my guests Samantha was married and we had a great time celebrating!

My step Aunt and Uncle came to town with there new little daughter. It was so great to meet her:)

We spent a weekend in Atlanta with Neumann’s best friends while I had an Aveda class. Good times with good people. 

We celebrated my 30th by going ziplining in Hilton Head and having dinner at Rocks on the Rooftop:)


Leemo got deployed to Kuwait.

Unfortunately we reelected a not so good option for this country.

We went to the SMA ball and supported some beautiful families. 

We celebrated with friends are expecting their first little one.

We spent Thanksgiving with my family and KY. It was nice to have a few days with everyone.


Salon 2010 had a holiday open house. Fun to celebrate with friends and guests. 

I did 25 days of Christmas for Neumann. It was to do different activities.

Grams came to town for a visit. It was a great time together.

We spent Christmas in Nashville and we relaxed! We spent a lot of time watching Justified and we went to the Opryland.

We spent New years in San Antonio. It was fun and worth it. 

Neumanna and I were both sick most of the time we were gone but it was enjoyable none the less.


That’s my year in a nutshell. 

Definitely looking forward to what 2013 has to offer! Lot’s of first this past year and lot’s more great things to come!!!




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