The older I get the more “realities” I see. Some are good, some are eye opening, some are expected. But, thought I would share some here today…

1. When you’re 18 and you have your 5 year plan or maybe even a 10 year plan, you realize right away that those plans are shot to hell. At least in my life they were.

2. People will disappoint you. Often.

3. Happiness doesn’t come from others, it comes from within yourself, and from God.

4. You learn who your TRUE friends are. And you realize you are lucky if you have any.

5. True love is unconditional. NO MATTER WHAT

Just a few things on my heart tonight.

What are some realities you have faced?

ImageMy BFF and “TRUE” Friend Marc with my new lil “nephew” Braxton

Rabbit Hash, KY April 2012


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