Let Me Just Tell Ya…

Today, instead of being on the road heading towards Kentucky to see my amazing family and friends, I was in the endodontist chair getting a root canal. Thanks to Blue Cross Blue Shield of GA I dropped $1195. 4 times what I budegted for my trip to Kentucky. UGH! At least my view from the chair was nice and my doc came in calling me “Tiff.” That made me feel A LOT better. After being jacked around by another dentist here in SAV it was nice to be treated kindly. When I think back to my “younger” days of wanting to be “older” I wanna ask my self, “Why???” LOL Why did I want to grow up so fast and be in the real world? Now, don’t get me wrong, I have a pretty AMAZING life but when crap happens I would like to go back to those lazy days of sleeping in, working part time, and only worrying about the Friday Night Football Game. Those were great days…but even as hard as life can be sometimes, I am right where I should be, want to be, and thankful for every minute of it:)



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