What A Blessing

Good Morning, World!

Yesterday was my 1st “Free Service Day” at Salon 2010.  I was able to provide free services for 4 people in financial need and what a blessing it was to meet a few people I have never met and catch up with a few I had. It was a wonderful day to say the least. I am thankful that I have been blessed with this trade and can take it anywhere! 

Tuesday had been a bit discouraging bc my entire day either canceled or rescheduled for other days and then Wednesday was my “FREE” day. I started to get a little discouraged about this but then stopped myself and remembered why I was doing it. It’s not about ME. It’s about HIM. Once I kept repeating that to myself I got over my selfishness and moved on. I am looking forward to my next “Free Service Day” in August. If you know anyone in need please send them to me. I would love to hear their story and be able to help any way I can. 

Thank you all for participating and supporting my efforts. It was an awesome day! Again, I know it’s something I am called too and I am humbled that I can be used to make others smile. 


In what ways are you helping others today?


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