Growing Up…

All week I have been debating on whether or not to take out my belly button ring that my mother actually took me to get at age 17! I remember her telling me that she was going to get her’s done too in hopes that I would change my mind. Well, I just told her I didn’t care if she got her’s done too but I was still getting mine done. LOL I remember looking at my belly when they were piercing it and UGHHHHH it made me sick. LOL But here we are almost 13 years later and I am ready to say BYE BYE! I am sure my mom will be glad to hear. Oh, the “cool” things we do when we are young! Looking at it now I am like why do I have this?? So today is the last day I will have it. 

What are some crazy things you did when you were younger that you looked back later and was like why??? Do share:)


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  1. Barbara (another Mom) says:

    Your story brought back memories of my children and their personal styles. I have to say, in general they were all a bit tame, but I did have an acid test for their requests. I asked is it illegal, immoral or life threatening? If I could answer no to all 3 then I believed it was not something to spend much time on. Another parenting strategy I had was “pick your battles”.

    When my daughter got a second piercing for her ears, my son complained that she had 2 piercings, but I didn’t let him get 1. I was astonished because, frankly, he had never asked, so we had his ear pierced. My son was athletic at that time and had to remove his earring for basketball, soccer and other activities and I didn’t realize when he just stopped wearing it. It got to be a hassle for him.

    My daughter got the belly ring. I didn’t mind so much because I thought they looked kind of cute on little, flat, teen bellies. We lived in a cooler climate, though and I don’t recall seeing it all that much.

    When I freaked out was when my daughter wanted either her tongue or her eyebrow pierced. From a mom’s perspective I thought my daughter was the most beautiful girl in the world and I didn’t want anything like that on her face. She needed my approval and I would not approve. I told her that when she turned 18 it was her business, but since I didn’t approve, I would not sign the paperwork. I also told her how beautiful she is and that I thought facial jewelry was a statement for people who were less naturally pretty and who needed something more to achieve a look. (A direct hit on her vanity and ego) Unfortunately she went to see her dad in another state and, although she was 16, they thought she was 18 and pierced her tongue. I was not happy, but it was a done deal.

    Now my daughter is a mom. She no longer wears any body jewelry. When she got her CPA she realized her tongue jewelry was not a wise personal accessory and I’ve never asked about the belly ring. She wears a pair of earrings, but that’s all.

    Don’t get me wrong, I see young people expressing themselves in creative ways and usually I really appreciate what they have done from an artistic viewpoint. I just have a fear that these permanent things, particularly tattoos, will not be as appreciated in the years to come. But who knows? Maybe these will be fond reminiscenses of youth and will be the spark for many interesting stories accompanied by a fire and a cup of cocoa.

    1. Loved hearing your story! Thanks for sharing Barb!!:)

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