Big Year Ahead

I have attempted many times to do a blog and here I am again. I am not so sure anything I have to say is that important but I just wanted a place to share my heart. Maybe it can touch someone out there. 

4 months from yesterday I will be turning 30! Holy cow! Saying that out loud is a little bit scary. I remember being in high school and thinking that time would never end. I never really thought passed graduating until it was right upon me. Everything I knew was about to change. My comfort zone would no longer be there. And now to look back and think that was almost 12 years ago is crazy! I definitely do not FEEL 30, and I know I do not LOOK 30. Both for which I am very thankful for. I often still get carded and people cannot believe it. They think I am somewhere between 18-22. It makes me smile:) 

Talking to my lil sis this morning about what to do to celebrate the big 3-0 and I have no clue! I thought about trip somewhere, then I thought about inviting close friends and fam down to Tybee and renting a place for the wkend. But I just have no clue. I want it to be fun and memorable no matter what we do. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed:) 

Goals for the next chapter in my life consist of….saving, buying a house, traveling more and more, continuing to built my business at the salon as well as with Beauty Society, visit my fam more, get married. Just enjoy everyday and live it to the fullest. When I look around at so many people just muddling through life it makes me sad. God has given us every day to do our best with. Everyday is not all fairy tales and butterflies, but we are so blessed with so many things, why waste it on being negative or down. 

Whenever I hear people complain on a regular basis I could scream. Things could really be so much worse. Be thankful to have food in your belly, a house, clothes on your back. We could be starving, drinking dirty water, walking miles for food. No thanks. I am just thankful that I have everyday to do what I love and share love. 

So how about for my birthday everyone who reads this can show someone love. Then tell me about me. Post a comment of send me an email. I would love to hear your story on how you show someone around you who is hurting, LOVE. Unconditional love. 


Until next time…



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